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Ready To Ship ~ Under the sea Snack/Wet Bags

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* Snack Bags are made to order within 1-3days prior to shipping*

Whether you call them, Snack bags, Wetbags or Ziplock bags, they have the same goal: Replacing one-time plastic and disposable ziplock bags! You don't realise how useful a reusable ziplock bag is, until you make the swap.

You can order from the following sizes Ready to go:

Medium/sandwich size 18.5x18.5cm

Large with Handle - 21x21cm

These snack bags and wet bags, are handmade by myself, using a fabric called Pul: which is a polyester fabric with an eco laminate layer sprayed onto the inside. This has been certified as food-safe: meaning it is Lead and BPA free. This laminate makes the fabric waterproof and is the same fabric used for the outside of modern cloth nappies

As the fabric is is waterproof it will keep the wet stuff inside, with outside staying dry so is great for swimmers. However, due to the zip and stitching, the bag can-not be fully water tight, so after a longer time, wetness may seep through. 

What about food?
Food made the same day will stay nice and fresh. But ideally cannot be pre-prepared overnight, as this is too long for air to get in through the zip

As these are reusable ziplock bags, they don't have to be just for food.

Here are some other suggestions: 

  • Wet swimmers
  • Modern Cloth Nappies
  • Phone Charges
  • Protecting your phone in your bag or at the beach 
  • Personal Hygiene products
  • Items for travelling
  • Medication
  • Toys
  • Dummies
  • Teething items
  • Anything you would use a ziplock bag for !
  • The Wetbag and XL Wetbag are perfect for replacing plastic bags: sports shoes, a change of clothes, swim bag
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