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Pre-made Green Fox Family Cloth ~ Ready To Ship

Pre-made Green Fox Family Cloth ~ Ready To Ship

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Whether you choose to use these wipes to replace wet-wipes, tissues or toilet paper, they are going to save so much waste going to landfill, saving room in your bins and money in the long run

**This product is ready made and Ready To Ship**

You will receive 16 wipes measuring approx 12cm x 22cm . The top layer is new flannelette with the back layer is preloved turquoise towel

For use as Family Cloth:
The common practice is to use them for no. 1s and paper toilet roll for no.2s. However many families choose to go all in with Family Cloth. It is even easier for families using cloth nappies or cloth menstrual pads, as family cloth can be washed with them. For those using only family cloth, you can store them in a wetbag or container until wash day, put them on a rinse cycle first, (a capful of dettol or canisten antibacterial wash can be used only if this is something you feel you need). Once rinsed through, you can add other laundry to them and wash as usual



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