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Shampoo With A Purpose

Australian Made Natural Soap Bars

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These locally made coconut-based soaps are made with natural luxury oils and additives to soothe the skin, all leaving the skin super soft. They are all Palm-oil free, Vegan free and eco-sustainable 

Hemp Oil Bar (150g)
Cleanse your skin with the incredible healing qualities of luxurious Hemp Oil. The extract we use is grown and farmed right here in Australia and we combined it with Sandalwood and Avocado extracts to maximise the benefits for your skin. The base is a beautifully blended coconut and the soap bars are made in Sydney Australia by our family business.

Turmeric & Lemongrass Bar (150g) (My personal favourite!!)
Soothe your skin with this premium soap bar and relax with the wonderful scent of natural lemongrass. Turmeric has incredible properties for your complexion, it revitalises your skin with potent antioxidants and protects you from environmental damage. 

Organic Charcoal (150g)

Purify and brighten your complexion with this beautiful bar of soap. The Organic Activated Charcoal will detox & thoroughly restore your skin, whilst the Coconut Oil naturally nourishes pores & removes impurities, giving your skin a natural youthful glow. 

GoatsMilk & Vit E (100g)
A gentle cleansing bar with Goatsmilk which is high in Lactic Acid, to help soften skin, allowing dead skin removal and encourage new skin growth. Added natural Vitamin E (A powerful Antioxidant) aids in skin calming & repair.


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