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Gum Leaves Non Paper Towel ~ Ready To Ship

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Why throw in the bin, when you can throw these cloths in the wash and reuse

~ This towel roll is ready made and ready to roll ~

Whether you call them unpaper or non-paper towels, these absorbent cloth kitchen towels will do a better job, as you can re-use and re-use without tearing, and with excellent absorbency. Reusable Kitchen towels are so handy to have on the kitchen bench for many purposes;

  • Clumsy Spills
  • Messy hands
  • Wiping the bench
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Wiping the table or highchair
  • Replace serviettes at mealtimes
  • They also make a great replacement for wet wipes

This non-paper towel has a flannelette top and a preloved White towel on the other side. Choose from the selection how many towels you would like.
You then choose whether your towels come without snaps, or with 3 snaps on each side to keep them in place and a flexible plastic inner roll to fit on a standard paper towel holder, this helps them to spin easily.

They are made to match a standard paper towel - 9x9.5in

By choosing a preloved towel, not only are we giving an old towel new life, but we also save on the environmental cost of producing new towels. I choose those towels that appear like new where possible. All preloved towels are pre-washed using a sanitising detergent prior to sewing

Shipping Info Offset the carbon of your order

Why ditch the paper towel?

What is paper towel?

Paper towel is made from pulp; from wood or plants. But it doesn't just require trees or plants to make paper towel, it also requires a large amount or water and energy to process and produce them, and then many forms of transport to get them to your local store. And they will have chemicals added to them to make them look so fresh and white!

Why are towels better?

Choosing repurposed towels, means this towel has a longer life, and more purposes. So it did take energy to create them, but the energy has served multiple purposes, whereas paper towel has one and is disposed

Why preloved towels

By having the choice whether you would like a new towel, or a preloved towel; you get to give an old towel a new life. I choose those towels that appear like new where possible, but means we save on the environmental cost of producing new towels. Sometimes i’m unable to get the right colour towel, if this happens, I will contact you by email to discuss. All preloved towels are pre-washed using a sanitising detergent prior to sewing  

Are they easy to care for?

So easy!! Wipe, throw in the laundry, and chuck in the machine with your washing. You can choose to soak them, however overtime stain remover chemicals can deteriorate cotton

Customer Reviews

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Jo Ross
Love these!

These wipes are amazing! So absorbent, and they really grab sticky messes. They are also soft enough to use for dusting so I keep one in the bathroom and laundry for quick morning clean ups.