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  • Clearance ~ Ready To Ship Christmas Swim
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Clearance ~ Ready To Ship Christmas Swim

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Please note

Many items in my store are Ready To Ship, however the following Branches Of Me products are made to order: Non-paper Towels rolls, Snack Bags, Cloth Pads and Family Cloth towels (unless stated Ready-To-Ship)

Washable, reusable swim nappies are a great way to both save money and the environment

~ Ready to Ship size Small - was a one off nappy with older style elastics ~

This size it to fit 5-7kg or 000/00 clothing 
There is 3 snap sizes for a snug fit on the waist and hips

They are handmade by myself using a quickdry liner and waterproof outer  PUL. This is the waterproof layer used in modern cloth nappies. It is the best fabric to keep what happens inside the nappy... stay inside ! So as long as there is a tight seal around the thigh, the nappy will not leak any unexpected accidents into the pool! 

You simply swim, rinse, and repeat

They are designed with a wide crutch to make sure there is always a sealed leg, preventing leaks. Fold-over-elastic is used all the way around making the Swim Nappy flexible to be pulled up and down like undies, but also with snaps to make removing the nappy easier on babies or if soiled.

This Swim Nappy is handmade by myself, using the Aquarius pattern by Little Comet Tails