Ditch Disposables & Switch To Reusables

Whether your motivation to make the switch, is because of budget, saving your household waste or cleaning up the earth, my products are here for you to make the change easier

  • Handmade In Australia

  • Plastic Free Packaging

  • Supporting Sustainable Businesses

  • Carbon Checkout

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Eco Gift Ideas

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My mission

My mission at Branches Of Me, is to prevent waste, reduce waste and encourage change. I aim to help others be more aware of their own environmental footprint and how they can improve this. I am very eco-conscious in the designing and creating of my products. And their purpose is to replace disposable items within your home, helping you on your way to a less waste lifestyle. 🌿 Lisa

More about my story
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Balance: Carbon Checkout

Balance the carbon footprint of your orders with Carbon Checkout.

All Branches Of Me customers now have the option to offset the carbon emissions of your order, and track your emission reductions post-purchase to see the impact of your contributions in real renewable energy projects on the ground

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